Everyone expects something from you. They expect you to be something you’re not. They want you to be this & not that. Living up to that sort of expectations can be quite challenging. I loved playing rugby, netball or touch rugby but my mother thought otherwise. She gave me options like “choose between your studies […]

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Am I really seeing this ?

Eversince I was a kid, I dreaded hospitals. The smell, the long hallways & the dark rooms. I got admitted at the hospital for a week. I came down with Influenza A & I was in isolation. Doctor’s & nurses had to wear protective masks just to check up on me. Feeling lonely, I longed […]

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Darkness Imagine waking up to total darkness & the only guide you have is faint noises. Interestingly, following the faint noises actually leads you to places & not knowing what you’ll come across or the feeling of being followed or even worse, the chills you get when you feel a pair of eyes burning into […]

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Life as we know it

I have always wanted to be an astronaut, but i ended up working for the law. Not exactly what i wanted but knowing that I’m on the exact opposite side of enforcing the law. Confident to say, life has treated me fairly. I grew up struggling to make something out of my life. To enjoy […]

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We try to escape death by eating i.e eating healthy, working out and staying fit. Clearly, I’m no fan of dieting & exercising. I just dont get the picture WHY people strive to get the perfect body & the perfect look. Maybe you’re trying to impress someone and trying to live up to a certain […]

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Virtual or Reality

I really cant take a nap during the day time. Really cant differentiate between reality and the virtual world. I dont know what does this mean. I just sat down to watch a movie when i drifted off to sleep. I started feeling a hand making its way up my thigh. I opened my eyes […]

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“Every scar tells a story” Well, mine is twisted. It’s the scar that was left from the previous encounter. PAIN. It aches when i take a deep breath. It aches when i lay on my chest. Aches when i cough or sneeze. Too scared to fall asleep. Too scared to rest my eyes. I try […]

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Actual Dreams

12:07:18 – 5:30am Thursday I jerked from my sleep because someone poked me with a sharp needle. Woke up to see nothing. So i lay back down to summon my strength to get up & ready for work. In an instance my body just froze and i could still hear my mother in another room […]

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Sleep paralysis

I don’t know if it’s just me or has it happened to someone else. Have you ever heard voices around you while you struggle to sleep? Not completely sound asleep just closing your eyes and you’re still aware of things happening around you. I see images, I hear voices & worst of all familiar people […]

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