Am I really seeing this ?

Eversince I was a kid, I dreaded hospitals. The smell, the long hallways & the dark rooms. I got admitted at the hospital for a week. I came down with Influenza A & I was in isolation. Doctor’s & nurses had to wear protective masks just to check up on me. Feeling lonely, I longed […]

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Darkness Imagine waking up to total darkness & the only guide you have is faint noises. Interestingly, following the faint noises actually leads you to places & not knowing what you’ll come across or the feeling of being followed or even worse, the chills you get when you feel a pair of eyes burning into […]

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Life as we know it

I have always wanted to be an astronaut, but i ended up working for the law. Not exactly what i wanted but knowing that I’m on the exact opposite side of enforcing the law. Confident to say, life has treated me fairly. I grew up struggling to make something out of my life. To enjoy […]

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We try to escape death by eating i.e eating healthy, working out and staying fit. Clearly, I’m no fan of dieting & exercising. I just dont get the picture WHY people strive to get the perfect body & the perfect look. Maybe you’re trying to impress someone and trying to live up to a certain […]

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Virtual or Reality

I really cant take a nap during the day time. Really cant differentiate between reality and the virtual world. I dont know what does this mean. I just sat down to watch a movie when i drifted off to sleep. I started feeling a hand making its way up my thigh. I opened my eyes […]

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“Every scar tells a story” Well, mine is twisted. It’s the scar that was left from the previous encounter. PAIN. It aches when i take a deep breath. It aches when i lay on my chest. Aches when i cough or sneeze. Too scared to fall asleep. Too scared to rest my eyes. I try […]

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Actual Dreams

12:07:18 – 5:30am Thursday I jerked from my sleep because someone poked me with a sharp needle. Woke up to see nothing. So i lay back down to summon my strength to get up & ready for work. In an instance my body just froze and i could still hear my mother in another room […]

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